Kimberly Marie (ragingnymph) wrote in hugs_and_prayer,
Kimberly Marie

If you would be so kind...

I'm happy to have found this community!

I ask for thoughts and prayers for my mom. She is a wonderful woman who has had too much medical issues in her life. Among other issues, she developed blood clots when pregnant with my brother. She has had over 30 clots in her life, including one that went through her heart and lung. She's, against all odds, survived, but she has been house-bound the last two years, due to grotesque swelling and intense pain in her foot. Her doctor had all but written her off (we are now being told that she is in the shape she is because he did nothing for so long, when he should have been trying to get rid of the last blood clot - that she still has!). My SO and I moved back home, and made things happen. She is now in the hospital and is going to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility. This is great!

But now, she's loosing some faith, hope, and strength. She needs good thoughts and prayers sent her way. I would appreciate any candles lit for her. She has a strong will, but she has been in so much pain for so long. I worry about her! Please send good, strong thoughts her way.

If you'd like to learn more about her, I invite you to visit the CaringBridge site made for her. Please do sign the guestbook if you would. I am trying to get her spirits up by showing her people care. Since she will be (most likely) in the facility over the holidays, any hope and love is going to help make the season a bit brighter. She is, obviously, down about not being at home this time of year.

Thanks so much for listening. My mom is a one of a kind person... She deserves a much happier and pain free life!

Just as this was okay'ed for posting, I learned she has been moved to the cricital care unit. Prayers URGENTLY needed!
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I'm praying for your mom and will go her her site. :) Hugs and prayers, Rebecca