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Bull is home

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts. Bull was found today about 1 mile from our home by a very nice couple out walking their dog this morning. They called me from the number on her collar, but I was out hanging up signs. I called when I got home and went to pick her up. She looked very ragged and like she had been in a fight or something. I took her right to the vet and everything is fine; I was told to bring her home and pamper her. We are definately thinking about getting her chipped and Tatti will no longer be allowed to let her out (for the time being), as she doesn't always remember to check the gate. I need a nice relaxing drink tonight after the day I have had. These precious animals are so wonderful; I can't imagine how someone would think to harm them (like has been in the news lately). Don't you sometimes wish you could talk to your animals to find out what goes through their minds when they leave home and what happened while they were gone?
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