tatiannasmommy (tatiannasmommy) wrote in hugs_and_prayer,

Need prayers for Bull

I need thoughts and prayers this morning. Last night my daughter let our dog out in the back yard and apparently the gate had been left open. We haven't seen her since 7:30 last night. This happened about 4 years ago and she came back within an hour or so, but it is now over 14 hours later and Bull hasn't returned. I am frantic. I am making up some flyers to hang and will go around the neighborhood to hang them. Please pray that she returns.
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Poor baby. I would also call any/all local shelters/vet clinics/rescues/animal control to see if they've heard or seen anything. Is Bull chipped? If so that helps immensely, especially if a stray dog is dropped off at a shelter or a vet clinic.

Good luck!!
Are your dogs chipped? I think I am going to have our dogs chipped.
Absolutely. Both of them are. It's a minimal financial investment that could very well save the lives of your pets. Melody we had to pay to get chipped, but when we got Bruno his chip was included in his cost...as was his neutering and his first round of shots. God bless the rescues!! :-) When we told people how much we paid for a mix breed dog from a rescue most folks gasped. But when you consider what was included in that price he was a bargain! :-)
thank you so much for the support...he has come home, I am posting an update on my journal now
Yay! Glad he's home safe and sound. If Bull is not chipped, now would be an excellent time. You never know when something bad could happen. For us it's huge peace of mind and it literally takes seconds to do.
I agree with angelsmom. Is he microchipped? It isn't that expensive, we have been looking into it with our dogs. Also you can call the police station and explain to them what happened and asked them if anyone has called and reported a lose dog. I hope he is o-k and I hope you find him soon! Are pets are our family, so I understand your worry! We will be praying for Bull!
thank you so much for the support...she has come home; I am going to update my journal now