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Prayers, please

I am reposting this prayer request with permission of the original poster. The girl we are praying for is named Erin.

Friends of ours are pregnant with their first baby. She's around 23 weeks...due in December. A few days ago her water broke; she's been hospitalized on bedrest. So far the babygirl has been extremely healthy and just gained a bunch of weight, so there's hope, but we just got notified that she's in labor.

I know you don't know them, or even me when it comes down to it, but my heart hurts so much for them. If you could take thirty seconds out of your day for them that would be awesome

I do not know Erin personally but wanted to make sure that she and her baby get as many prayers as they can. Thanks for being here.
Love, Rebecca

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I shall think very happy thoughts for you. After 2 miscarriages I totally understand the stress that a mom-to-be can be under. I pray that all goes well and that a healthy happy baby joins the world soon! *hugs*
How scared she must be! I'll be praying for her and her family!